It’s the key to getting more action points

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It’s the key to getting more action points

The first set of bodies you’ll want to become familiar with are the so-called “petrified corpses.” These are the forms of civilians and other bystanders who were trapped outside of Vault 76 when the bombs fell on Oct. 23, 2077. So far, I’ve not seen a lot of variety in them. They’re just sort of hanging around on street corners and rooftops, looking to the sky. Many of these clusters look like a cut-and-paste job, truth be told Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, and don’t contribute much at all in my opinion.When you touch them, they crumble into dust. As a side effect, they can also give you a tiny dose of radiation. I would recommend avoiding them entirely for a good long while.

The second set of bodies are more recently deceased. They’re still wearing clothes, so far as I’ve found, and have gray, ashen features while not actually being composed of ash.These are the citizens of West Virginia and the surrounding areas who managed to survive the apocalypse on their own, and their bodies are only around a decade old. One group of these recently-made corpses that you’ll meet early on are called the Responders. They were a faction composed of police, firefighters and other first-responders, who made it through the worst of Armageddon and tried to rebuild society on their own.

These bodies will usually contain loot. They’ll also be posed in ways that can inform you about how they met their demise. To help you read the scene, look for notes, computer terminals and identifying signage. Usually there’s a related cache of loot nearby and, sometimes, a more elaborate sidequest will open up. Fallout’s marquee SPECIAL system is back, but in a weird new format that involves collectible trading cards. Early on they’ll be more of a novelty than anything else, but where you assign your stat points early on will make a difference before long.

My recommendation is to pump up your Perception stat at least every other level. Because of Fallout 76’s dodgy netcode, enemies are fairly hard to hit. Adding to the challenge of hitting a running target is the frame-y nature of the game’s underlying engine Buy Fallout 76 Caps and some random number generation going on behind the scenes that can make you miss, even if your crosshair is over the target. All in all, there are plenty of reasons why you’ll rarely hit what you’re aiming at.That’s where Perception comes in. It’s the key to getting more action points, which will allow you to spend more time with an assisted targeting system called VATS. Hitting the button for VATS doesn’t slow down time, like it did in previous games. But it will automatically lock onto your targets and give you a percentage chance to hit. It’s your only hope in chaotic, close-range encounters with packs of AI.

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