Best Book Club Picks

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Best Book Club Picks

I have - at long last! - joined my first book club!

We have one meeting under our belts, and another coming up soon. We discussed the book, went off into related tangents and then came back, interrupted each other, disagreed, echoed, dissected and nodded a lot. We drank wine, ate cheese, and even discussed some of the discussion questions found in the back of someone’s copy.

The first book selected was Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden, a Canadian novel that tells two stories at once, one set on the frontlines of World War I at Vimy Ridge, Passchendale and more, and another set in the Canadian bush and nearby towns and the ‘residential schools’ that attempted to assimilate Aboriginals into white culture. It was excellent. Impossible to put down. Upsetting and grim in parts, but engaging, well-written, and intriguing in its contrast between modernity and tradition, superstition and reality, city and country. I loved it. And I usually have difficulty stomaching war books.

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