Help me choose a laptop!

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Help me choose a laptop!


I want to ask something about a laptop i want to buy. The main use of the laptop is for programming/video rendering/autocad. I have two choices. The first one is the Asus Gl702Vs and the second is the Msi Gs63vr 7rf stealth pro 4k. Both of them come with the i7-7700hq. The difference is that the msi has a 4k screen with a gtx 1060 whereas the Asus has a Fhd screen with the Gtx1070. Also the Asus has 24Gb of ram whereas the Msi has 16Gb of ram. What do you think? Should i prefer a 4k screen with gtx1060 or a Fhd screen with gtx1070??Help me please!


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