Problems with Wi-Fi on Sony 4K TV(XBR-55X850D)?

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Problems with Wi-Fi on Sony 4K TV(XBR-55X850D)?

Hello Guys,

For a while now, I've been having issues with the Wi-Fi on my Sony 4K TV(XBR-55X850D). What it happening is, I went to go set up there Wi-Fi for the first time(and everytime). It seems to find my Wi-Fi at the top of the list, with excellent Wi-Fi signal strength. But then, once it fully connects to the network, the Wi-Fi signal strength depletes. It ether goes to good or very good(every single time). With that being said, I have a 150Mbps speed plan from my ISP provider. Which is very capable of loading 4K Netflix content immediately on 4K without having to buffer up to 4K(and does it with other devices). But it appears, that when loading Netflix on this TV, it doesn't even start on HD, it loads in 480(witch shouldn't happen with this type of speed, and a lot of times being the only device running). I mean I have an iMac, in the same room further away from the internet box and the TV, witch it's picking up full signal strength(and can load Netflix in HD immediately). I also have a Samsung Galaxy S8 that is further away in the same room as well(TV on the wall and normal couch distance), but that device also has full bars. While the TV can't seem to have full bars at all, being closer distance to the internet box.


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